Pooh’s Grand Adventure

Pooh's Grand Adventure (1997)

On the first day of Autumn, Winnie-the-Pooh is ready for another fun-filled season to be with his very best friend, Christopher Robin. However, Christopher Robin is nowhere to be found, which causes Pooh to worry. After finding a blue honey pot with a honey-covered note attatched to it, Owl interprets the letter, informing Pooh and his friends Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, and Eeyore, that Christopher Robin has been taken to “Skull”, where resides the dreadful Skullasaurus.

Owl sends the group off on an adventurous journey into the Great Unknown to rescue their friend. Their quest starts at a long forest, which, according to their map, were named the “Woodz (Woods)”, then the “BigGer (Bigger) Woods”, then the “Much biGeЯ (Bigger) Woods”, and finally the “Biggest Woods of All”. They make it through the entire forest, only to come face to face with a hideous rock formation known as the “Upside-Down Rock”. According to the map, if they’ve made it this far, then they were in danger. Suddenly, they hear a roar in the distance. Thinking it was the Skullasaurus, they panic. They all ask Pooh where to go to escape the creature, and Pooh points in all different directions. Rabbit takes over as leader. Hearing another growl in the distance, Rabbit quickly guides the gang into a thorn forest filled with Venus fly traps, but Rabbit tries to look at it as a “lovely meadow filled with golden dalleon-daffidillises”. After hearing another roar, Piglet runs for his life and finds himself in a nice peaceful pristine spot filled with rivers, ponds, flowers, and butterflies. A whole flock of butterflies try to take Piglet away, but he is rescued by Pooh. Piglet tells Pooh that he doesn’t think that he’s (Piglet) brave enough, but Pooh says everything will be okay.

The gang find themselves at the “FoЯBidDeN Mountains oF ThE fAR noЯth (Forbidden Mountains of the Far North)”. Pooh and the others start to notice that Rabbit is becoming obsessed with what the map says, and is starting to give up on common sense. They explain this to him, but he just tells them (in song form) that “if it says so, then so it is”. Just then, Rabbit accidentally tears the map in half thanks to a branch, and Tigger tries to bounce after it, but he falls down a gorge. He is saved by a broken piece of log. Then the others try to help Tigger. Although they save him just before the log drops, the vine they were hanging on to is let go by Eeyore (he was holding it by his teeth and when the weight of the rest of them pulled his tail, he mumbled something, which, when asked by Tigger what he said, he opens his mouth to say that he said “ouch”) and they plummet to the bottom and into a muddy lake.

When they emerge, Rabbit finds the torn piece of the map, but they hear another roar and make a run for it. They realize that they are going off the trail. Suddenly, Rabbit begins to panic under pressure, and then begins to break down, stating that he’s not smart enough to know where to go or what to do. Tigger claims that they don’t have a chance of finding anything without Christopher Robin. Pooh suggests they rest in a nearby cave until the mist clears. During the middle of the night, he mourns Christopher Robin by singing a sad song (“Wherever You Are”).

When Piglet awakens in the morning, he walks outside, turns around, and realizes that they were sleeping in Skull Mountain, the lair of the Skullasaurus. He warns the others quickly. At first they are hesitant to enter, but they hear yet another roar from outside, and run into the cave.

As they enter the mountain, they see five paths and reluctantly split up. At the end of their paths, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet all meet up in the same place, but Pooh gets lost in bushes of ice crystals and soon his reflection through the ice crystals looks like the Skullasaurus itself. When Pooh’s reflection is able to be seen by the other four, they run for their lives and yell “It’s the Skullasaurus!!”. Pooh hears them, thinking that the Skullasaurus is nearby, and accidentally falls down an ice slide.

When the others finally escape Pooh’s looming shadow, they hear him screaming as he falls down the ice slide, and they think that the Skullasaurus ate him. They then hear a bloodcurdling snarl coming from ahead. Knowing it must have been the beast that ate Pooh, they sadly realize that they must go on without him.

At the end of the ice slide, Pooh falls into a giant ravine, with no way to climb out, and no way to contact the others in any way. Pooh gets very depressed, knowing the fact that he might be stuck there forever. But then he remembers something that Christopher Robin told him: “Even when we’re apart, I’ll always be with you”, and then Pooh realizes that (practically) he’s not alone after all.

Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet finally find Christopher Robin. Christopher Robin then explains to the group that he was at school, not skull. Christopher Robin asks where Pooh is, and Piglet says that he was killed by the Skullasaurus, whose roars they have heard multiple times. Christopher Robin is shocked at first, but then understanding, and explains that it was actually Pooh’s stomach that was making the growls and roars that they were hearing. It turns out that Pooh’s stomach was growling because he didn’t eat anything on the long journey, even though he had his honey pot with him (he was planning to save it for when he found Christopher Robin). They then find Pooh in the ravine, pull him up, and happily return home.

Finally, Pooh and Christopher Robin return to their favorite spot under the tree, where Christopher Robin explains what he learned at school, and comments that he learned he could be brave, strong, and smart when he gave his heart to it. He then sadly says that tomorrow he’ll be going again, but reassures Pooh that he’ll always be back, as long as Pooh is here, in the Hundred Acre Wood, where they will be untouched by any horrors that might reside out in the world.

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  • Feature Length Direct-To-Video Animated Film

  • Walt Disney Television Animation.

  • Animation Studio: MovieToons Animation.

  • Distributed by: Buena Vista Home Video

  • Cartoon Characters: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Christopher Robin, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl.

  • Originally Released on August 05, 1997.

  • Direct to Video Release.

  • Running Time: 68 minutes.

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