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  1. Thiya says:

    really awesome! great! love it aloooottttttt

  2. teela says:

    in the early 1970’s my little sister had a Disney record that was called “Songs from Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too” There was a song that was a birthday song. The lyrics were:

    Birthday, birthday, OH what fun
    Birthday, birthday, add another one
    Birthday, Birthday, all come along
    Join us in a little birthday song.

    Cake and ice cream Winnie the Pooh,
    Cake and ice cream have some, too
    Cake and ice cream soda pop araing
    join us in a little birthday game….

    repeat chorus and another verse…

    Anyway, just wondered if you ever heard of it. I would like a recording of it.

    Thanks, Teela

    • Will says:

      Hi Teela,

      Wow. I’ve been looking for that song, too. Back in the days of “cassette tapes,” a much older co-worker made me a birthday mix, and put that song on there. I’ve been looking for a copy the past few years. At least I know what album it’s off of. Know where I can get the CD or mp3 of it? I’ll settle for vinyl, too.

      Thanks, Teela!

      – Will

    • Bill says:

      I just stumbled across an old Disneyland Birthday 45 that had 4 songs on it, one of them was Birthday Birthday. sadly, it’s the only song with a bunch of scratches in it. I’m working on recording it and cleaning it up.

    • Kristi says:

      Thank you for posting the words to the birthday song. I used to playit over and over on my kid’s birthdays when they were little. Love that song!

    • ruth says:

      Third verse went something like this:
      Birthday, birthday, all for you,
      Birthday, birthday, have one too,
      Birthday, birthday all come along,
      Join us and sing a little birthday song,
      Join us and sing a little birthday song.

  3. Laura says:


  4. ashley says:

    i have loved pooh ever since i was a baby. i am in the seventh grade and i have a lot of the stuff animals and i stilll love him. he always makes me smile. he has helped me get through alt just by me having the stuff animals and listing to him and watching him. i love him.

  5. heliya says:

    I love pooh

  6. dale says:

    i need this song im 44 and my little bro loves this song and its his b day he is forty help

  7. Susie Serna says:

    I remember a song that my son would go crazy for as a baby…I am more than sure I have a cassette with the song on it…anyway I KNOW IT ISN’T HEFFALUMPS AND WOOZLES because that one is way too slow and scary… I remember some of the lyrics were:

    “It really was a Woozle yes it was, was, was
    Yes it really was a Woozle yes it was…”
    His birthday is coming up and I would move a mountain to find this song… can you help me?

  8. Wiinie the Pooh Christmas Song - Can't Wait for Christmas says:

    Would you know how I can find the Winnie the Pooh Can’t Wait for Christmas Song


  9. Rudie says:

    I’m 44 as well…and need the Winnie the Pooh b-day song as well! My mom played it for us kids every year. She moved and can’t find the vinyl. Please help.

  10. Susan says:

    I own this “Birthday, Birthday” 45 single. It’s a “Disneyland Record”, a Walt Disney “Little Gem” record from 1967, and the price was 29 cents. It’s in great condition. My parents used to make me sing this song to their friends as their entertainment when I was young. I still love this song though…

    • Teela says:

      Can you put a recording of the song on You tube? That would be so cool! Please email me and let me know if you could do that.

  11. pazooki says:

    hi.i love you poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!thank you teela!

  12. Lighthope says:

    I actually have this! I’m shocked!

    E-mail me and I’ll send you a copy.

  13. ruth says:

    I learned this song listening to a children’s program on the radio about 4:00 P.M. Colorado time in the late “1950s”.

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